the air is heavy by Cabeson

A response about it all..

Came across a message from a fellow youtuber, and replied back with a little more than just a short and concise ‘I don’t have time for you’ answer that some artists may do. ​Here’s that message, and a somewhat brief response of how my music came to be, and what certain approach I took to get there:

I really enjoy your music, so much that it inspires me to investigate whether this genre of music is something I could do. I’ve been looking for something to play or something musical to create and I feel more connected to your genre/style more than say metal (which is what my brothers play, and what I’m sort of trying to learn)

I guess what I would like to know is how you got started in this music, what are the resources that you had to require just to at least start practicing? I know that FL Studio or programs like that take a huge role, but I know its much more than that.

I don’t plan on doing any kind of audio design for my major either but I don’t want to be a full time listener neither, I want to create.

Thanks for the very kind words, I appreciate them very much. Yes, software does play a big role in this whole electronic gig but there is more to it like you said. I am a huge metal head, and I listen to it just about 80% of the time I do listen to music. Yet there is some spark and emotion that drives me with downtempo/ambient music, in a way metal cannot. So I decided to combine both of them in a liking that seemed fitting. When I create, I don’t necessarily think about what MIDI notes are going in nor what software instrument I’m using. Just things I find that fit. Different parts are made, and then I do my best to glue them together. When I listen back to the music I complete, the vibe and structure I get is a deep and dark sounding mood, in a airy/ambient type way, and I find myself making the drums very aggressive and in your face like.

I did come from a metal/poppunk background, and played drums for most of my life more than anything. Although piano has played a huge role in my music life as well. If creation is your goal, a nice way to practice for inspiration is to listen out of your comfort zone. Play any album you got, and start picking out melodies, drum fills, chord progressions, rhythms, or whatever that you liked or stood out to you. Take all the little pieces of abstract music that you took in from listening, and apply that. It might seem like just copying at first, but the more you do it you’ll begin to start developing your own unique sound. These days, it’s hard to define what does or doesn’t sound good anymore.

Talking software, I do use Ableton Live, which helps me big time in creating ideas and piecing them together.

Having this conversation makes me miss having random little windows of time throughout the days and weeks to put together musical ideas. Ah, the joys and troubles of a full time gig.

Hope all you gamers(and non-gamers) enjoy this remix. Tailored for epic-ness.


I want to go outside and stay indoors but no one will hold the door open for 5 minutes while I decide :(

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